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Features of Hongcheng Recycling Environmental Protection Series Products

  • Traceability:

    1. Tracking reagents can be added.
    2. Tracking reagents can be added per household, and one password per household.
    3. With GRS global recycling standard certification.
    4. With OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification.
  • Processing performance and characteristics of recycled polyester chips:

    1. It has good melt fluidity and good spinnability, and can produce recycled DTY50D/72F, DTY75D/144F, FDY20D/24F, FDY50D/72F and other ultra-fine products.
    2. Long replacement cycle of components and filters, more than 20 days for ultra-fine products.
    3. The L, a, and b values of regenerated slices and regrown silk have high stability and uniformity, and the dyeing uniformity of finished silk is close to that of the original.
  • Features of filament series products:

    1. The product has good weaving performance and high weaving efficiency.
    2. High dyeing uniformity, close to virgin polyester filament.
    3. The cloth surface has good flatness, and the handle and velvet feel are close to the original.
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